“2343 FOODLABO” is located in a building near Hon Atsugi Station on the Odakyu Line. It serves healthy, light meals such as deli dishes and sandwiches made from a variety of vegetables.
Enjoy the ever-changing flavors of our freshly prepared foods in our modern eat-in space, as well as our various menu items for takeout.
We hope you will take a break from your busy life and visit us for a quick snack.

OPEN:7:00am ~ 6:30Ppm
*Dinner time(~10pm) is closed now

1-7-3 3F Atsugi-shi, Asahi-cho Kanagawa, 243-0014


We offer a deli full of vibrant and powerful vegetables that are bright to the eye. The ingredients of the day are prepared in the kitchen every day, making for safe, secure and delicious meals.
You can get enough nutrition in one meal, making it perfect for those who are busy with work and childcare.
We actively use local vegetables, meat, eggs and other ingredients.


“Salone 2343” has a small kitchen area and a counter that seats seven. The entire space is basically run on a rental basis.
It can be used for private meals and entertaining with “2343” meals attached.
You can also use it as a pop-up shop/space, for example, to open a bar for a limited time, a gallery shop or a florist's shop at the counter. Please feel free to contact us for details.