<2343 DEPARTMENT> is located in "Vina Gardens Perch" directly connected to Ebina Station on the Odakyu Line. We offer healthy dishes such as salads and galettes made with local and seasonal ingredients. Also in the restaurant is a store space for tableware and food products made by various local producers and creators. We hope you enjoy the culinary experience unique to 2343 that values the locality.

OPEN: 7:30am ~ 10:30pm (DRINK L.O. 10pm, FOOD L.O. 9:30pm)
CLOSE: Follow the closing days of "Vina Gardens Perch"

Vina Gardens Perch 3F
3-1 Ebina-shi, Megumi-cho, Kanagawa, 243-0438



For breakfast, we offer salads using seasonal organic vegetables, open sandwiches and galettes and so on, all using fresh ingredients such as local ham and eggs. You can charge the energy with our breakfast.



Galette is also a specialty of <2343 DEPARTMENT>. The galette, which is carefully baked one by one by a crepier who trained in the Brittany region of France. It has moist and fragrant taste. In addition to galettes, we can offer a variety of menus such as daily deli plates and crepes.



For dinner, we offer a four course menu with several options. Please enjoy with our dishes that use plenty of seasonal ingredients, from appetizers rich in flavor to our signature galette and main course.